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SEMCOG's 2020 land use layer contains one polygon for each of 20 land use categories present in each community. Land use in the City of Detroit is further subdivided by the city's 55 master plan neighborhhoods. The land use categories are as follows: Single-Family Housing, Attached Condo Housing, Multi-Family Housing, Mobile Home, Agricultural / Rural Res, Mixed Use, Retail, Office, Hospitality, Medical, Institutional, Industrial, Recreation / Open Space, Cemetery, Golf Course, Parking, Extractive, TCU, Vacant, and Water.


1. Agricultural / Rural Res includes any residential parcel containing 1 or more homes where the parcel is 3 acres or larger.

2. Mixed Use includes those parcels containing buildings with Hospitality, Retail, or Office square footage and housing units.

3. Parcels that do not have a structure assigned to the parcel are considered vacant unless otherwise indicated, even if the parcel is part of a larger development such as a factory, school, or other developed series of lots.

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