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SEMCOG created this GIS layer, which is a feature class of points located where road segments from the GIS layer tRoad begin and end. In other words, this layer contains point features that mark the end points of the road features from the year-2022 Roads & Highways export file from MDOT's Open Data Portal. The point ID numbers come directly from the BPT and EPT values that SEMCOG assigned to the features in tRoad. MDOT imported the original 8-digit BPT/EPT values from the MGF into Roads & Highways, but kept them only where PRs began, ended, or intersected other PRs. As MDOT added new PR endpoints and intersections, they created new, permanent 38-character alphanumeric point IDs for such locations. For other segment endpoints in the export file, those needed to denote where attributes change between intersections, MDOT also assigned 38-character alphanumeric point IDs, but these IDs are not expected to persist in future Roads & Highways versions. Regardless of the type of endpoint, SEMCOG replaced all MDOT point ID numbers with its own, much shorter ID numbers (all 10 digits or less). The conversion table containing both MDOT's and SEMCOG's values is called SEMPT_Values. SEMCOG PT values that are 10-digits long and begin with a 1 are at a location where SEMCOG split a segment to properly correct erroneous road-name and community-boundary attributes. SEMCOG also adjusted PT values as necessary when correcting an "undershoot" found along Peabody St at Maple Rd in Birmingham. Each point ID number exists in the layer only once, and there are no multi-point features. If there are any locations with more than one point physically present (with different ID numbers), this would mean that MDOT did not accurately code BPT and EPT values for all segments that intersect at that location.

Service Item Id: 71487ca2a621468c87301ee359a7e82e

Copyright Text: Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)

Spatial Reference: 2898  (2898)

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