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This feature class contains all of the region's road features and most of the road-related attribute fields from the year-2022 Roads & Highways export file from MDOT's Open Data Portal. The features in this layer are a subset of the gRH_SEMCOG layer, which contains rail and trail features in addition to roads. Wherever SEMCOG discovered clear errors in MDOT's attribute values, SEMCOG corrected those values in both the gRH_SEMCOG layer and the tRoad layer, so that these two layers would remain in sync with one another. For numeric fields containing both null values and zeros, with no difference in meaning between the two values, SEMCOG changed the null values to zeros to avoid potential confusion. To supplement MDOT's original attribute fields, SEMCOG added several other fields to tRoad. Additions include the fields SEG_ID, VER, SEMMCDL, and SEMMCDR, which can also be found in gRH_SEMCOG, plus several more fields not stored in that layer. Some additional fields contain road-name attributes combined in useful ways; some store ID numbers that uniquely identify features in related GIS layers; some flag segments as ramps, crossovers, or turnarounds; and some provide still other information. SEMCOG chose to omit from tRoad all of the fields from gRH_SEMCOG stored "after" the control-section attributes. Although the omitted fields are road-related, SEMCOG staff have yet to closely examine their contents, and have many unanswered questions about them. The field named SEMROUNDID is simply MDOT's original ROUNDID field, with values updated as noted below. SEMCOG kept MDOT's original feature geometry intact, with the exception of 125 segment splits introduced to properly correct erroneous road-name and community-boundary attributes, plus an adjustment to fix one "undershoot" found along Peabody St at Maple Rd in Birmingham.

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Copyright Text: Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)

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